Elk Grove’s #1 Computer Science & Coding Program for Kids and Beginners

The Joy of Learning Computer Science

Your child’s interest in Computer Science (coding and design thinking) will be sparked and nourished in a way that is Meaningful, Memorable & Motivational.

No more restrictive and boring coding playpens here!

The Experience


Meaningful Projects

Meaningful Projects

Your child learns best when they are actively working on meaningful projects they care about – generating new ideas, designing prototypes, refining and making it better

Collaborative Peers

Collaborative Peers

Learning flourishes as a social activity, with young people sharing ideas, collaborating on projects, and building on one another’s work.

Purposeful Passion

Purposeful Passion

When students work on projects they care about, they work longer and harder, persist in the face of challenges, and learn more in the process

Joy of a Playful Spirit

Joy of a Playful Spirit

Learning involves having a playful spirit to experiment – trying new things, tinkering with a variety of materials, testing boundaries, taking risks, iterating again and again.

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What Parents Are Saying

“The thing I liked about the program is the structure and the environment. It was very comfortable for my son to want to learn.”

“I thought the challenges were fun and gets the mind twirling. The thinking challenges are quite valuable, especially as a team, because diverse ideas come into play in the process of seeking effective solutions. Thank you, Fred & Sharon & Family!”

“I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for my kids to think outside the box. What stood out was the hands-on learning! My children had fun!”

“What stood out was the seamless team dynamic with the kids. Great stuff! I truly hope this great opportunity continues. Thank you both for bringing this jewel to the Elk Grove community. And welcome home!”

“Very valuable!! Your lessons encourage creative thinking and teamwork and cooperation! The teamwork and creative thinking that was encouraged. I love your enthusiasm for the subject matter and encouragement for the kids!”

“I think they [the skills we focused on] are critical to the future success of our children. What was unique was that the kids of all ages and backgrounds interacting with each other in a fun learning environment. Your enthusiasm for the subject and overall knowledge is apparent. My child was super excited afterward. Thank you!!”

“Your teaching style really stood out and engaging! Our son responded very well to that!”

John, Parent of 8 year old

“It is a fun learning program with a unique approach to stimulating the minds of the students.”

Coleen L. Parent of 10 y/o

About Us

Sharon Jaravata, Lead Curriculum Designer & Teacher
Fred Jaravata, Director of Educational Innovation
Sharon Jaravata, Lead Curriculum Designer & Teacher

Sharon Jaravata, Lead Curriculum Designer & Teacher

Sharon is a veteran teacher of 18 years.  She has taught 2-6th grades.  As an Experienced Elementary School Teacher (English Plus/ELD) she has demonstrated a history of working in both Public and Independent schools.

Sharon is skilled in the effective use of Educational Technology, K-12 Education, Common Core State Standards, Design Thinking, Parent Engagement, Lucy Caulkins Writer’s Workshop and Classroom Management.

Sharon graduated from National University with a Masters of Science in Instructional Administration since 2010.

Find out more about Sharon here on LinkedIn.

Fred Jaravata, Director of Educational Innovation

Fred Jaravata, Director of Educational Innovation

With over 20 years in K-12 specializing in Educational Technology (Edtech), Innovation, and Learning, Fred is a recognized Edtech leader in the makerspace movement in schools. He has presented in many local and national Edtech events and conferences for several years sharing strategies and insights to create a successful and empowering technology program for students.

It is Fred’s belief that, educational technology and innovation must be meaningful, memorable and motivational to empower all students. He is an active proponent of student-centered Design Thinking principles in his teaching.

Fred holds a Master of Arts in Teaching degree from the University of San Francisco since 2010. He has taught K-8 at Convent & Stuart Hall, Schools of the Sacred Heart in San Francisco for 18 years and currently teaches high school AP Computer Science at Sacramento Country Day School.

You can learn more about Fred on LinkedIn.


Here is the link to SCRATCH PROGRAMMING and to CODE.ORG

Dear Families and Friends,

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  • Sunday classes 10-11:15 am
  • Guided and student-paced Computer Science Curriculum (Includes Coding, Design Thinking & Digital Citizenship Curriculum)
  • Track student progress with Teacher support
  • Exclusive Facebook Group for Teacher-Parent-Student support
  • Certificate of completed levels
  • 10% Off Family Discount (please ask us for the discount code upon registration)
  • BYOD: We have a Bring Your Own Device policy: Must bring in your own laptop for your child to use. PC, Macbook, Chromebook allowed; Sorry, no iPads or other tablets allowed)

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The Innovation Playground reserves the right to cancel any program due to insufficient enrollment. Upon cancellation, a full refund will be made.  Make up classes are only available during any of the stated above dates and not into any future dates.  Full refunds will be honored before the full course starts.  Individual class refunds are on a case by case basis.